Macular Degeneration New Zealand

Macular Degeneration New Zealand’s mission is to save sight by reducing the incidence and impact of macular degeneration.  One in 7 New Zealanders over 50 years of age are affected by macular degeneration, but many are unaware of the disease until it is too late.

MDNZ aims to make a difference for people with macular degeneration by raising awareness, promoting early detection, and providing education and information for those at-risk. MDNZ provides support for people with macular degeneration, their carers and their families.  We promote research and provide representation. MDNZ aims to build healthy communities and ensure New Zealanders have a good quality of life as they age.

MDNZ is a national organisation, based in Parnell with flexible working options. MDNZ values innovation and creativity, openness, and teamwork. With a small and collaborative team, we work together to get results.