Board Member and Trustee

  • Kaibosh
  • Wellington Region, New Zealand
  • Jun 26, 2024
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Job Description

As we move into this new phase in our growth, we are looking for new Trustees to join us on this next stage of our journey.  We are principally interested in Trustees based in, or with close connections to, Wellington City, the Hutt Valley or the Kapiti Coast, to reflect our growing regional footprint.  We are particularly looking for those who can extend our relationships and raise our profile – with mana whenua, the food industry (growers/suppliers/retailers), with community groups and with potential donors/influential supporters.

We are a positive and hands on Board.  While we have a full team who run the day to day operations of the organisation, Board members are expected to use their skills and contacts to further the vision and mission of Kaibosh between board sessions (6 times per year, with two half day strategy sessions). Previous Board experience is not essential but competencies that we expect of all our Trustees are:

Believers in and supportive of our Mission and identification with our Values

Community Affiliation, Access and Fund Raising

Leadership: Trustees must be able to demonstrate leadership skills, both in directing the organisation and to stakeholders.

Strategic thinking and Risk Management: Trustees must have the ability to think strategically and consider the wider perspective of risks. They must be able to distinguish between governance and operational matters.

Commitment to excellence: Trustees must have a commitment to excellence, both personally and for the organisation as a whole.

Commitment and adding value: Trustees must be interested in working to alleviate food poverty and decrease food waste, and be able to commit the time and effort required to effectively carry out their role as a Board member. The Board should strive to add value to the organisation in terms of strategic direction and through its decision-making processes, as well as through the skills and networks that its individual members bring.

Decision-making: Trustees must have the ability to consider and make decisions which benefit the organisation. They must demonstrate good judgement, common sense and independence of thought, allowing for a wide perspective on issues.

Interpersonal and communication skills: Trustees must have good interpersonal skills, including the ability to interact and communicate with people from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Organisational awareness and Health and Safety: Trustees must have knowledge of the organisation, its structure, and the issues which are important to staff, volunteers, food donors, food recipients, and other stakeholders.

Financial understanding: Trustees must understand financial matters and their implications for the organisation

Commitment to being Tangata Tiriti: the Kaibosh board and team are on a journey to becoming better Te Tiriti partners and expects Trustees to be committed to this kaupapa.

In reviewing the skills of existing Board of Trustee members we have identified capabilities where the current board lacks capability and preference will be given to candidates who can raise our capability in:

·      Community Affiliation, Access and Fund Raising

·      Sector operational experience

·      Community connections

·      Marketing/PR

·      Sustainability

·      Te Tiriti competence



Job Summary

Board Member and Trustee



How to apply

If you are interested, please send us your CV to and, most importantly, a cover letter telling us what you think you can bring to Kaibosh.  We’d love to hear from you.


Mark Ratcliffe



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