Arts + Crafts Workshop Facilitator

  • Victoria Street, Te Aro, Wellington, New Zealand
  • Jun 18, 2024
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Job Description

About the Wellington Women’s Health Collective 

The Wellington Women’s Health Collective (“the Collective”) is a small not for profit organisation that has at its heart the wellbeing of women, by providing timely support, information and counselling to the women of Wellington. We were formed in 1986 and since then have become an established part of the Wellington community. 

Our purpose 

The purpose of the Collective is to benefit the community through empowering and supporting women to make informed choices about their physical, mental and emotional health. 

Our vision is that all Wellington women will have access to the support services they need to maintain long term health and well-being and that we can deliver these services from a physical “women’s place”, alongside other like-minded services. 

Our values 

Our work is underpinned by a set of principles and behaviours that apply to how we work together and with the women we support: 

Our principles 

  • We are a feminist collective; 

  • We recognise and honour the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi; 

  • We are pro-choice, believing that every woman has the basic human right to decide when and whether to have children; 

  • We are committed to supporting all women to access a full range of health services (including well-being) - Te whare tapa whā; 

  • We welcome all women, recognising and respecting the needs of the LGBTQ+ community; 

  • We partner with other organisations for stronger impact for communities/whanau. 

Our behaviours 

  • We live our values; 

  • We operate within a gender-equal framework; 

  • We function collectively; 

  • We do what we say we will – we are responsive and reliable; 

  • We know what we are doing - we have a plan; 

  • We understand our collective strengths; 

  • We champion compassion and kindness, and we are respectful to ourselves and to others; 

  • We are reflective – we are a learning organisation, we don’t rush ahead without thought 

Role Description 

Key Objectives 

  • Lead inclusive craft workshops: Create welcoming spaces where everyone feels comfortable expressing their creativity. 

  • Empower participants: Encourage individuals to explore their talents and try new techniques in a supportive environment. 

  • Foster connections: Build meaningful relationships among participants, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie. 

  • Collaborate with the community: Partner with local artisans, crafters, and organisations to enrich workshop experiences and expand our network. 

  • Share knowledge and resources: Provide access to tools, materials, and expertise to ensure everyone has the opportunity to learn and grow. 

Our Ask 

  • Flexible scheduling: We understand the importance of balance and accommodate varied schedules. 

  • Collaborative spirit: Work closely with our team and community partners to coordinate workshops and events. 

Key Outcomes 

  • Empowered participants: Leave each workshop feeling inspired, confident, and connected to their creative potential. 

  • Strengthened community ties: Forge lasting friendships and partnerships that extend beyond the workshop space. 

  • Increased accessibility: Ensure workshops are inclusive and accessible to individuals from diverse backgrounds and abilities. 

Key Competencies  

  • Passion for crafting: A deep love for all things craft-related and a desire to share that passion with others. 

  • Community-mindedness: A commitment to fostering inclusivity, diversity, and collaboration within the crafting community. 

  • Teaching and facilitation skills: Ability to guide and inspire participants of all skill levels with patience and encouragement. 

  • Creativity: Bring fresh ideas and innovative approaches to workshop design and execution. 

  • Communication and interpersonal skills: Build rapport and create a supportive atmosphere where everyone feels valued and heard. 

  • Alignment with our mission: Share our dedication to empowering women's health and well-being through community-driven initiatives. 


Crafters of every background, skill level, and walk of life are welcome and celebrated. 

Our workshops are held in the heart of Wellington, providing a central hub for creativity and community engagement. 

If you're passionate about crafting and eager to make a positive impact in our community, we invite you to join us in fostering connection, empowerment, and joy through the art of crafting. 


Wellington Women's Health Collective

Job Summary

Are you a crafting enthusiast with a heart for community? Join us at Wellington Women’s Health Collective as a Craft Workshop Facilitator and become part of a vibrant crafting community dedicated to empowerment and connection.

How to apply

If this sounds like you please send a Cover Letter and C.V. to Hana Jensen at

We are also hosting a Volunteer Recruitment Morning Tea on Tuesday 25th June and welcome you to come along. We invite everyone interested in volunteering for The Collective to come and hear about who we are, what we are doing and meet the team. 


Not for Profit

Cause (Sustainable Development Goals)

Good Health and Wellbeing, Gender Equality, Reduced Inequalities

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