Trustee Position

  • NZRT18
  • Hybrid (Lower Hutt, New Zealand)
  • Jun 16, 2024
Voluntary Disaster and Emergency Management

Job Description

The Hutt City Emergency Response Team (NZRT18) in Lower Hutt needs your support. These incredible volunteers work tirelessly to assist in civil defence emergencies such as earthquakes, flooding, and other natural disasters. Their dedication and commitment to helping others in times of crisis is truly inspiring.

Our Trustees not only supporting these amazing individuals by helping to ensure that they have the governance and resources they need to continue their life-saving work, but they also ensure the community has a valuable resource during their time of need.

If you have experience at committee level, in finance or admin, or in fundraising we would love to hear from you.

Commitment is usually one meeting per month plus 3-4 hours per month outside of these. Our AGM is coming up at the end of July, if you have any questions please do get in touch.

Position Descriptions


Each member nominated to the trust is by default a trustee and has a general responsibility similar to company directors and owe duties to the charitable trust board in the same way as directors owe duties to the company. These duties are to: act in good faith and according to the rules of the board exercise their powers for a proper purpose and with reasonable care not cause or allow the board’s affairs to be carried out in a way that creates a substantial risk of loss to the board‘s creditors not agree to the board taking on an obligation unless it’s reasonable to believe the board will be able to perform it not obtain any unauthorised personal financial gain from their position as officer of the board or make any unauthorised use of confidential information.


Streamline the administration processes. Committee Secretary role, works closely with the Team Leader with responsibility for administration, leads on core HR functions. programme m by management / oversight for audit processes.


Manages the team’s day to day budgets, ensures accurate financial records are kept.

Operates the team accounting systems to ensure accurate audits, reports and GST requirements are met.


The trust chair is filled from an existing trustee position by way of majority vote of the committee.

The chair is responsible for overall trust performance and governance oversight. The chair aids in setting the strategic direction of the trust. The Chairperson oversees agendas, meeting management, committee direction, evaluations, board conduct, learning and development, and succession planning.


Hutt City Emergency Response Team

Job Summary

We're after some special people to help us out on our Trust.

How to apply

Send us a short description of how you will best fit for the trust and which trust board position that you are interested in? (Trustee, Secretary, and Treasurer)


Not for Profit

Cause (Sustainable Development Goals)


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