• Whakamatutu
  • Te Aro, Wellington, New Zealand
  • Apr 02, 2024
Part-Time Health Care and Medical

Job Description

The part time Chef position at Whakamātūtū is in many ways one of the most significant roles in our Centre. Good food, and good experiences around it, are very connected to people's mental health. Cooking experience is not enough. Whakamātūtū’s Chef must have the special interpersonal qualities to guide, teach, and above all instil hope and joy in all those who attend the 6 week therapeutic programme. 

The role is required for 15-25 hours per week, 3-5 days a week (9am -2pm). Could be split between two people as long as the hours are covered.

For our participants, being part of our Therapeutic Community will play a vital part in their recoveries - engaging and learning new ways of relating, and learning new skills.

The chef’s role will involve cooking a hearty plant-based lunch full of good taste, nutrition, and love for our community of 15 participants and 5 staff, at this stage. Going forward for future intakes you may be cooking for 30 participants and 20 staff.

Morning and afternoon snacks would also be provided. Running after lunch cooking classes is another aspect of the job.

The duties and responsibilities described below should not be construed as a complete and exhaustive list. The scope and function of the role may vary depending on service needs and changing conditions. We encourage all our team members to bring innovation, passion and curiosity to the implementation and development of our model and contribute towards service improvement.

  • Practice Manager
  • Administrator and TWO Coordinator
  • Financial Administrator
  • Local vendors and food suppliers
  • Whakamātūtū staff and volunteers
  • Tāngata whai ora and their whānau


  • Work closely with Whakamātūtū management and administrators to create healthy and nutritious vegetarian meals within budget for tāngata whai ora and staff.
  • The role is a client facing one, working in the middle of the Centre. The Chef must have the skills and compassion to work with a high degree of tāngata whai ora engagement and do so in a person-centred way. Mindful of the mental health challenges and the vulnerabilities of the client group the Centre serves. All interactions with tāngata whai ora should be sensitive to their background, trauma-informed, respectful and kind.
  • Menu plan in advance a range of meals (including dietary requirements) using seasonal fruits and vegetables. Meals will include baking for morning and afternoon tea and lunch which will be served at round tables with family style dining. Bread will also be served with lunch.
  • Run cooking classes for tāngata whai ora who have a range of cooking skills and familiarity in the kitchen. Classes will include the preparation and easy cost-effective meal planning and budgeting.
  • Manage stock and ordering of supplies and equipment according to identified weekly shortages 
  • Build relationships with local vendors and suppliers.
  • Work with Whakamātūtū administrators and management to identify companies and charities who can provide low-cost or free foodstuff for the Trust.
  • Manage the daily clean up of the kitchen and dining area with support from tāngata whai ora in the programme.
  • Train and support any volunteers or paid kitchen staff the Trust has brought on to support you with the preparation, serving and clean up of meals.

Centre Values

  • Participate in promoting Whakamātūtū values and philosophy.
  • Engage with tāngata whai ora while you work, walking alongside them as they journey through the programme. This role is one that is front of house and is equally about offering guidance and support, sensitivity, patience, and kindness as it is about preparing nutritious meals.

Health and Safety and Quality Improvement

  • Be responsible for the  health and safety management of the kitchen in accordance with relevant legislation and audit requirements including:
  1. Infection prevention policies and procedures
  2. Risk management controls
  3. Food safety and quality controls
  4. Nutrition standards for healthy vegetarian meals
  5. Follow any reasonable instruction given by DRC management and adhere to health and safety and clinical risk policies and procedures.
  • Report in a timely manner any incident, hazard, or health and safety concern.
  • Contribute to a culture of continuous quality improvement.
  • Take effective care of your own health and safety and wellbeing
  • Discuss leave requests with the DRC practice manager and manage leave planning and workload proactively.

Equity and Inclusion

  • We are committed to removing barriers of access and inclusion for all New Zealanders, particularly Māori and Pasifika. In practical terms this means our policies are aligned with national frameworks that drive improvements in health equity. All staff should be familiar with and embed the Te Tiriti Principles into everyday service delivery and work in a culturally safe and respectful manner.
  • Support all people equitably; all races, nationalities, cultures, disabilities irrespective of age or gender. Support equal and fair treatment and opportunity for all.
  • Support LGBTQIA+ inclusion throughout the workplace



Job Summary

Preparing and Cooking Morning Tea, Lunch & Afternoon Tea


$25-30 per hour

How to apply

Please email you CV and cover letter to


Not for Profit

Cause (Sustainable Development Goals)

Good Health and Wellbeing