Kaihaumanu (Dementia Clinician)

  • Dementia Canterbury
  • Christchurch, New Zealand
  • Jan 28, 2024
Full-Time Community Services

Job Description

Kaihaumanu - Dementia Clinician
Living with Mate Wareware Partnership pilot.

Dementia Canterbury in collaboration with Purapura Whetu are seeking a  Registered Health Professional (under the health practitioners competence assurance act) to take up 4-year pilot program roles as Kaihaumanu, navigators for the journey with Mate Wareware.

This Dementia Mate Wareware Budget initiative funded by Te Whatu Ora is an exciting new pilot project developing roles which support Māori pre and post diagnosis, and provide whanau-based education, support, and activity programs.

 A strong knowledge of Te Ao Māori (Te Reo Māori me ōna Tikanga Māori) and ability to apply these values when connecting with others

 A natural ability to build and nurture relationships

 Willingness to learn new ways of working to meet the needs of clients and adapt current services – a flexible mindset

A commitment to delivering better services for Māori with Mate Wareware

Mō te tūnga /About the Role

The Kaihaumanu will be responsible for providing:

Navigator services – The Kaihaumanu roles will assist people with or ‘at risk’ of Mate Wareware, and their whānau to access what ever services they require.  This will involve the provision of practical (e.g. arranging enrollment with general practice and driving the client to the appointment) as well as referral based navigation services (e.g. referral to Older Persons Mental Health to access specialist services). 

Active support to ensure tāngata whaiora with Mate Wareware, their whānau and carers can  maintain their health and well-being through access to culturally appropriate, high-quality health and wellness services.

Culturally appropriate health services that will need to be delivered at times, in Te Reo, utilising knowledge of Tikanga and Te Ao Māori.

 Tūranga whakaauatanga/Position Description

Services will be delivered by the Kaihaumanu who will have designated space at Dementia Canterbury and access to all necessary tools (such as laptop, phone, supplies, meeting rooms and vehicles).  

The Kaihaumanu will also work from Purpura Whetu on regular days engaging with staff at both services to facilitate positive outcomes for clients and whānau.

Services will be accessible via either partnership organisation but it is expected that the other programmes offered by Purapura Whetu will provide a pathway to the Mate Wareware services as clients accessing mental health and addiction services may be at increased risk of developing Mate Wareware at a younger age. 

The Kaihaumanu will identify, support, and facilitate access where possible, to diagnosis.

 The Kaihaumanu will support people to access the specific younger onset programmes at Dementia Canterbury (as appropriate). 

 Education and training promotion is a key responsibility of the Kaihaumanu who will work across the two partnership organisations and encourage all staff in each service to increase their knowledge, and understand the mahi of each service.

Appropriate assessment processes are undertaken and client needs identified by the Kaihaumanu who will:

 Meet with all clients referred to or identified by either partnership organisation. 

 Complete a cultural assessment, provide support, and navigate people who identify as Māori who may have a diagnosis of Mate Wareware.

Facilitate the point of entry via. either partnership organisation.  Work with both organisations to ensure access to the most appropriate support.


Dementia Canterbury

Job Summary

This Dementia Budget project developing roles which support Māori pre/post diagnosis, + provide whanau-based education, support, and activity programs.


$60,000 - $90,000

How to apply

Please send inquires or application with a CV and covering letter to:

Darral Campbell

Chief Executive

Dementia Canterbury


Closes 16 February, 2024.


Not for Profit

Cause (Sustainable Development Goals)

Good Health and Wellbeing

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