ICAAD (International Center for Advocates Against Discrimination) is an international human rights advocacy center with special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council. Established in 2013, ICAAD works at the intersection of legal innovation and design justice to create evidence-based programs with organizations and communities to combat structural discrimination. By taking an integrated approach, we are able to improve resilience, safety, and equity across systems. 

  • Capacity Building: Local NGOs and Governments can benefit from ICAAD’s expertise in institutionalizing best practices. 

  • Advocacy & Reform: Challenging systems allowing discriminatory laws, policies, and customary practices that fuel violence against vulnerable communities. 

  • Human Rights Education: Training the next generation on human rights and providing tools that can be used to disrupt and abolish unjust systems. 

  • Emerging Tech: Organizations can leverage our data resources and explore new technologies to fill knowledge gaps and plan more strategic interventions.

  • Artivism: Artists can work with ICAAD to develop their practices to advance human rights and social justice through their work.