Midwinter Carnival

  • Dunedin

The Dunedin Midwinter Carnival is an iconic annual celebration that has developed a loyal public following. The Carnival is one of the most spectacular and accessible community events held in Dunedin which aims to celebrate our distinctive seasons in a creative and positive way.

Held in late June on the weekend closest to the winter solstice, the Midwinter Carnival incorporates a large public event in the central city featuring dozens of giant lanterns made by local artists and workshops where families make small handmade lanterns. There are also dozens of costumed performers from a variety of music, dance, school and cultural groups who together create a diverse and vibrant Carnival atmosphere.

The Midwinter Carnival is produced by a volunteer run non-profit organisation called Dunedin Midwinter Celebrations Trust with the support of our funders and sponsors.

From time to time, the organising Trust also presents other lantern installations in historic buildings, at conferences and bespoke events.