CoLiberate is Te-Whanganui-A-Tara based social enterprise working all over Aotearoa to enable everyone to have the supportive conversations that matter most. 

Our approach is centred on building care, confidence and resilient networks of support for workplaces and our wider communities. We start by addressing the skills deficit among everyday people, enabling all kinds of people to have direct one-to-one support conversations that they may not have felt confident having before. From there, we work with each workplace or community to integrate their new skills into their lives by helping informal peer support networks develop and strengthen. 

CoLiberate believes in a future in which each one of us has a trusted someone who we can rely on to notice when we're struggling and who will have the skills and confidence to connect us with the support we need.

Since delivering our first skills training course in October 2017, feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. To date, we have certified over 3000 people. Our impact surveys have indicated that CoLiberate-trained Mental Health First Responders are collectively having 650,000+ critical supportive conversations every year,  which has improved wellbeing, connected people to the right support and saved lives.