The Meteor

The Meteor Theatre is operated by the One Victoria Trust, which exists to foster, develop, and encourage all forms of creative and performing art, in a way that benefits the community. Our vision is to enhance the arts in Kirikiriroa, Hamilton and Aotearoa, New Zealand by providing a vibrant and thriving venue for theatre, music, dance, poetry, exhibitions, workshops, comedy, improv…and much, much more.

Trees at The Meteor has been a traditional family Christmas outing for tens of thousands of Hamiltonians since its inception in 2007. This well-loved community arts focused event draws widely from across the city and attracts approx. 5000 annual visitors to participate and vote, view the works created by people of Kirikiriroa, and experience social connection and fun in a joyful environment. Trees At The Meteor delivers a ‘Compassion not Consumption’ kaupapa, as an affordable event that exhibits creative, hand-made interpretations of festive trees, focusing on connection and kindness within the community at Christmas time.