Kilmarnock Enterprises

Kilmarnock Enterprises is an Ōtautahi Christchurch-based social enterprise focused on creating employment, training, and development opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities. We provide opportunities for our employees through our commercial operations in contract manufacturing.


Kilmarnock holds a wide variety of contracts across packing, sorting, collating, food services and industrial processing. We also operate the South Island and bulk distribution of Will&Able products. Our varied contract base provides our employees with a broad depth of experience in their work. In addition to our social focus, Kilmarnock Enterprises operates with a strong commitment to sustainability. Kilmarnock works alongside a wide variety of commercial customers to offer resource recovery, refurbishing and processing services to prevent landfill waste. One third of our annual commercial revenue is derived from providing services that divert materials from landfill. 


Kilmarnock Enterprises also operates a dedicated training and development arm, the Kilmarnock Academy. Through the Academy pathway we support our employees to develop the foundational skills required for a purposeful life. Our learners receive support in wellbeing, workplace tikanga and health and safety. We also offer credentialised training in partnership with external providers including Te Pūkenga. The Kilmarnock Academy pathway seeks to provide our learners with the skills they need to take control and lead self-determined lives.  


Learn more about Kilmarnock’s mission on our website