Christchurch Community House

Christchurch Community House Te Whakaruruhau ki Otautahi was established in the late 1980s to provide a 'one stop' shop for those seeking advice and support from community organisations.  As well as a wider membership which utilises services through Christchurch Community House such as telephones, bulk purchases of items such as stationery, access to affordable meeting rooms and networking opportunities, Christchurch Community House is home to 25 community organisations including:  Shakti, Beneficiaries Advisory Services, Family Drug Support Aotearoa NZ, Depression Support Network, Network Waitangi, Korean Society, Christchurch Japanese Society, Sustainable Coastlines, The Nest Collective, 2040 Ltd, The Cacophony Project, Interpreting New Zealand, Care Solutions, Assistance Dogs NZ, Volunteering Canterbury, AOK Suicide Prevention, People First