SOUNZ Centre for New Zealand Music

We make the music of Aotearoa New Zealand accessible to all 

SOUNZ champions and promotes the sounds and music of Aotearoa New Zealand. 

We are the only arts and music organisation of our kind working in the digital space to create and make available on our platforms the sounds, music and stories about the music of Aotearoa New Zealand.  We have been operating as a Wellington based, national organisation since 1991.  Our team is small, multi-skilled and highly productive. We rely on the generous funding of government, industry organisations, trusts and foundations to make our work possible.  

Our vision

To make the sounds and music of Aotearoa New Zealand widely heard and valued. 

Our purpose

To make the sounds and music we represent easily accessible to all, at any time, by using our digital platforms and to encourage its performance through a variety of projects and other initiatives.

SOUNZ work connects

We connect composers and their work with performers, listeners, teachers, broadcasters and presenters through collaborative projects and representation. We create and make available resources, music and stories about New Zealand music through our podcasts, animations, films and interviews to help connect people with our music.

We use our digital platforms to promote our work widely, using carefully designed digital strategies. These platforms include the SOUNZ website, SOUNZ Blog, our weekly e-Newsletter ‘Synopsis’, an Events Calendar, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. Anyone with access to a digital device can engage 24/7 with music, resources and the opportunities music presents.

We do the following:

  • make, broadcast, curate and promote articles, interviews, films, digital concerts, podcasts and animations
  • collect and sell scores, sheet music and other music resources
  • advise on repertoire, programming and performance of music
  • provide development opportunities for composers and community orchestras or  groups through projects, collaborations, prizes and awards
  • present workshops and wānanga
  • promote and inform through news, events and activities.

Our music

SOUNZ has a constantly growing collection of over 24,000 New Zealand music resources.
We represent the music of more than 600 composers from Aotearoa New Zealand in the following areas:

  • classical composition
  • taonga puoro (traditional Māori instruments)
  • works by Māori composers
  • Moana Pacific Peoples musics
  • electroacoustic music
  • jazz composition
  • screen composition
  • sonic art