Intersex Aotearoa

Intersex Aotearoa (IA) is an intersex-led non-profit organisation that provides affirmation, advocacy and referral for intersex people and their whānau. Our vision is to create a safe and supportive society, where intersex people can be visible & thrive. Intersex Aotearoa’s purpose is to act as a peak body that works to enhance Ira Tangata/Intersex/people with Variations of Sex Characteristics (VSC) wellbeing (in the rest of this application, we will use the term Intersex to refer to Ira Tangata, people with VSC, and Differences of Sex Development).   

Our advocacy means we work alongside peer human rights and health organisations, with government legislative bodies, researchers, academics, and healthcare professionals to create the change we want to see for ira tāngata/intersex communities.