Anglican Action is a faith based ‘justice through service’ social service agency supporting people to discover their purpose and create new pathways for their life. We believe all people are of immense worth and value and we seek to support them as they transform their own lives. We work with people from the margins of life some of whom have been excluded from our communities for a time.Our Mission Statement:Anglican Action stands for Justice Through Service.Anglican Action unites Faith and Treaty in an agency committed to flax roots support and challenge from the margins to an unequal society in order to liberate and empower.Anglican Action celebrates the spirituality of life and believes that every sister and brother, known or stranger, of this land or another, is considered to be our neighbour. All of creation is sacred and of equal and infinite value with a soul worthy of care and respect. To this end, Anglican Action commits itself to the pursuit of justice through service within and beyond the borders of Aotearoa New Zealand. We will advocate and stand in solidarity with all of creation and every brother and sister being denied justice or the basic human necessities of life. We offer hope.Our Services include:- Kids First Whanau Centre- Reintegration- Youth Justice- Foodbank- Social Justice- Ethos Cafe and Catering (our social enterprise)