Continence NZ

Continence NZ is an incorporated society supporting people with continence problems, as well as their caregivers and health professionals.  Our mission is to improve the standard of healthcare delivery through education and advocacy to those with bladder or bowel incontinence dwelling in the community, in rest homes or in hospital settings across New Zealand.

34% of women in New Zealand experience urinary incontinence, with a higher prevalence in Māori women (47%), however many have not received any medical care for this very treatable medical condition. Continence concerns have a significant impact on a person’s well-being, impacting their physical, economic and social lives negatively if untreated.

Continence NZ supports those living with incontinence through advocacy, awareness raising, and education. We also run a Continence Helpline which offers free advice for those living with incontinence.

Due to a recent change in our constitution, we are seeking three Committee Members to join our Executive Committee, including a Treasurer, Cultural Advisor and a Community Representative