Passive House Institute New Zealand

PHINZ is an Incorporated Charitable Trust with the following aims:

To advance education through:

  • Educating the building industry and members of the public about improved energy efficiency in New Zealand buildings;
  • Promoting the Passive House Standard;
  • Researching the performance of built Certified Passive Houses in New Zealand and making such research publicly available;
  • Researching the New Zealand housing industry in order to promote energy efficient building options;
  • Providing a platform for the building sector to gain knowledge of highly energy efficient buildings;
  • Educating building professionals and lay persons about Certified Passive Houses.

To benefit the community by:

  • Improving public health and well-being and relieving fuel poverty of the people of New Zealand through the promotion of healthy and highly energy efficient homes and  public buildings;
  • Working with the public sector of New Zealand to improve the energy efficiency of New Zealand homes and public buildings.

PHINZ is committed to inclusiveness and to celebrating our people's diversity, regardless of gender, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, relationship status, age, physical appearance, religious beliefs and other matters that make no difference to how we work together.