Project Jonah is a registered charity that exists for one simple reason – helping marine mammals. Our vision is to create a world where these animals are respected and protected.

Our volunteers consist of everyday Kiwis that give up their time to help marine mammals through our rescue, action and protection programs. Whether they’re picking up litter on beaches or getting hands on in rescuing stranded whales, they’re out there helping. Whatever the weather.


We deliver essential first aid to stranded or injured marine mammals, via our nationwide network of trained and passionate marine mammal medics. We have pioneered ways of rescuing whales and have shared this technology and expertise globally. At Project Jonah we constantly strive to advance marine mammal stranding response and rescue science.


We believe in positive change through action. We inspire, motivate and empower New Zealanders to contribute and take part in making a tangible difference to the lives of marine mammals.


We act as a watchdog and encourage key decision makers, whether governments or industry, to do the right thing. By raising public awareness, we can fight for stronger legislation that will protect these animals and the oceans they call home.