NZ Academy of Fine Arts

  • 1 Queens Wharf, Wellington Central, Wellington, New Zealand

The New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts Incorporated was formed on 8 February 2007 from The New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts Limited (a company registered on 2 April 1889 from the Fine Arts Association of New Zealand, first established in 1882) with the above objective. It is a registered charity: CC11270.

The Academy is an independent not-for-profit arts institution with both a regional and national focus, responsive to the changing environment of contemporary art and working as an advocate for the aesthetic and economic development of the arts throughout New Zealand, listing 450 practising artists as regular exhibitors. 

The Academy Galleries at 1 Queens Wharf, Wellington, present a programme that offers exhibitions of emerging artists and considers important aspects of contemporary art. They host annual events that support the development of New Zealand art, such as the Parkin Award, and international touring exhibitions.