Leadership New Zealand

Since 2003, Leadership NZ’s purpose has been to create a connected community of leaders working together for a more just, equitable and sustainable Aotearoa.

Through our programmes, we’ve built a movement of nearly 700 alumni who have polycultural capabilities, a sharpened sense of purpose, and the tools, practices and competencies to lead in an uncertain world.

We embolden, equip, inspire and connect leaders. We bring leaders from every generation and every sector of New Zealand together, and challenge them with making a difference for the better in the communities in which they live, work and play.

Leaders participate in safe and brave learning spaces, engaging in open and honest discussion about the real issues of these times, and build their own capability and capacity for leadership in times of great change. Aotearoa is a superdiverse nation and the cultural intelligence of our leaders is crucial to achieving ever higher levels of creativity, innovation, and societal engagement.

We are proud of our legacy of excellence and innovation in educating on a basis of diversity of thought and perspective. We take participants on a journey to become the best leader they can be. Our programmes also strengthen participants’ sense of belonging to Aotearoa New Zealand, to the planet, to their communities, and to themselves. These are the leaders we need for the twenty-first century, leaders who are able to navigate uncertainty, work collaboratively, lead from purpose, with focus and great heart.