Beneficiary Advisory Service

We are a Charitable Trust [under the name of Christchurch Peoples Resource Centre] that was incorporated in 1995 to develop projects that come out of and meet the needs of low-income people. Our only objective is the well-being of low income people.

Although we work with a wide range of different groups, we are not connected with or controlled by any other organisation or Government Department.

We have a strong commitment to social justice and a fair society and are part of a network of similar organisations. Our aim is to help people survive in a society where it is increasingly difficult to do so.

Beneficiary Advisory Service gives beneficiaries information about the benefit system and therefore an opportunity to gain knowledge.

Apart from general entitlements, many people are unaware of their rights in the system, such as how to challenge a decision or how you should be treated. Not only can we help you know what your rights are, but can help you ensure you get the treatment you deserve.

If you are having problems with W&I and don’t know who to turn to, ASK BAS