Good Change

We’re on a mission to reduce plastics and microplastics.

Good Change has been operating for 3 years and was started with a shared loathing of plastic in general. We wanted to help consumers make habit changes with their choices in the home.

We are not just about delivering a range of products to the market though. Our brand and ethos is around helping New Zealanders and Australians be 'Better Than Yesterday'. We are calling this the Small Change Revolution.

We want to grow in order to give back even more and do more good for others.

At Good Change we are passionate about giving back and do this through:

 - Organising of Beach Cleanups

 - Educating our youth around the dangers of microplastics

 - Delivering clean drinking water to families in Cambodia for every product we sell

 - Running our Good Change Conversations podcast which delivers narrative to our audience from a wide range of people within the community making good small positive changes.

 - Running a business which is Carbon Negative (we support a number of regenerative forests within NZ and Australia).

We have big global ambitions. We’re taking this brand to the world on a big scale and creating big change.