The Free Store

At The Free Store, we freely redistribute fresh, surplus food from Wellington's eateries directly to those in need of it. Everyone is welcome!

Organisational Structure 

We run predominantly on a wide and vibrant community of volunteers, with a small paid leadership team. We are a registered charity under the umbrella of Renew Communities Trust.

Our Vision & Mission

The Free Store exists to reduce food in landfill by redistributing quality surplus food for free and create a community where all are welcome to receive, participate and grow in wellbeing. We are active in both food-rescue, and community development spaces. 

Our Values

 - Belonging

Everyone is a gift & deserves the opportunity to be known and a part of the community. 

 - Generosity

An attitude that is willing to give and receive, even when it is outside of our comfort zone. 

 - Transformation

An attitude that pursues health/positive change, and is discontent with dysfunction (systemically, individually, communally etc).