Centre for Sustainable Finance: Toitū Tahua

Finance is a critical enabler for the transition to a low-carbon, inclusive, equitable economy and society in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Finance is the engine and lifeblood of an economy. Finance sits behind our electricity grid, transport system, roads, buildings, food, water and housing. The Climate Change Commission estimates New Zealand will need $34 billion of new capital in the next 12 years to finance our low carbon transition, and this number is only likely to rise. 

Developing a sustainable financial system is about setting ourselves up for a thriving and prosperous society in a lower-emissions future. 

It’s essential to Aotearoa New Zealand’s economic proposition over the coming decade. 


About us

Our purpose is to accelerate progress towards a sustainable and equitable financial system in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Our guiding plan for this is the Sustainable Finance Forum’s 2030 roadmap for a sustainable financial system. The roadmap represents the collective efforts of individuals from banks, insurance companies, industry, Māori businesses and Iwi, professional services, civil society, academia, and Government. 


What we do

  • Connect experts and practitioners to drive insight and facilitate removal of barriers
  • Advocate by raising awareness, collaborating with government to influence policy and standards
  • Catalyse cross sector sustainable finance projects
  • Track progress toward an inclusive, equitable and sustainable financial system