For The Love Of Bees

‘growing radical hope through food’ Create positive social and environmental impacts through transformational approaches to growing food.For the Love of Bees is creating a system of self-sustaining urban farms in Aotearoa that cultivate quality food for local people through regenerative horticultural practices. Through these sites we create happier, healthier eco-systems and resilient, connected communities. We also create and share high quality, accessible education experiences around what a truly regenerative world looks like. Our main activities:We model regenerative organic horticulture in small scale farms called Centres of Regenerative Learning.We spread bee friendly regenerative organic horticultural practices through our Earthworkers 101 programme.We create learning events that centre the bee in Auckland city parks.We practice community composting by providing key hubs in highly visible locations.We advocate for bee friendly practices, such as organic weed control.