Dance Therapy NZ

Our vision is to be a nationwide leader of dance and arts therapy. We're committed to the wellbeing and development of communities in Aotearoa. Our mission is to be a recognised, accessible, and utilised therapy option within the community; to be a driver of effective dance and arts therapy in Aotearoa; to empower through creativity and connection; to deliver culturally competent services to diverse communities.DTNZ offers a wide range of therapeutic community services for children, young people, adults, and families, focusing on those with disabilities and special needs, living with mental illness, at risk youth and sexual abuse survivors. Our programmes empower vulnerable populations through therapy support and the creative arts. Our programmes include: Dance 4 Us (Dance Therapy for adults with disabilities); Arts 4 Us (Arts Therapy for children from low income areas); STARS (Dance Therapy for children on the Autism Spectrum, and with other special needs), school outreach programmes to address mild to moderate mental health needs, and ACC trauma groups and individual therapy.Our values are: Creativity, Connection, Nurturing, Integrity, Collaboration, Resilience and Compassion.