Mindful Money

Mindful Money is a charitable social enterprise, established in 2018. We aim to make money a force for good. The current focus is on empowering members of the public to choose a Kiwisaver fund and/or investment fund that aligns with their values. Currently most funds invest in companies engaged in pollution and exploitation, with investments in sectors like fossil fuel production, weapons, human rights abuses and animal cruelty. We raise awareness and encourage investors to invest in better companies.The Mindful Money website went live in June 2019 and in the first 12 months $9m of KiwiSaver funds were switched using the website. Now we are looking to build on that strong start by shifting $50m within the next year. Just as important is our awareness raising and advocacy for ethical investing, recognising that most choices to invest ethically don't go through Mindful Money's website. We help Kiwis to feel good through investment that reflects their values, do good by helping people and our planet, and earn good returns - research shows that, on average, financial returns are at least as high if not higher than traditional investing.