In our world of spiralling mental health challenges, Yellow Brick Road really wants to do something meaningful and different. While the majority of mental health services are finding themselves acting as ambulances at the bottom of a cliff, Yellow Brick Road is in the unique role of supporting family and whānau to help their loved ones from falling. Families are the unsung heroes out there, trying to support their loved family member, and we are the ones caring for them and helping them along that path. In our experience of giving awhi to whānau, who are the experts when it comes to understanding the wellbeing of their unwell loved one, we find our work to be immensely rewarding for both the whānau and our wonderful team who provide that ‘hands-on’ support.Yellow Brick Road is a well-respected organisation with a 40-year history, and a dynamic new future. Previously known as Supporting Families NZ, we work directly with families and whānau who are supporting a loved family member experiencing mental distress.