Vincents Art Workshop

Changing Lives Through Art

Vincents Art Workshop is an essential social service set up in 1985 in response to Government policies of deinstitutionalisation from psychiatric hospitals. It is the oldest Creative Space in New Zealand. It is a community based initiative providing access to arts and craft facilities, skilled tuition, and materials within a supportive environment. All people are welcome and it is free.

People with disabilities, those moving into the community from institutions, the unemployed, people on low incomes and anyone at all from the wider community are welcome! An average of 30 people use the workshop every day, and all work together to make Vincents an exciting and creative place to be. Vincents has a philosophy of inclusion.

Through the creation of a positive and supportive environment many people have found their involvement in Vincents to be therapeutic. Vincents offers a unique model that uses the creative process to help resolve the internal conflicts a person may be experiencing, enabling the development of self-esteem and individual potential.

We provide an art space, art materials and equipment, together with a high standard of art and craft tuition - and, importantly, supportive structured studio spaces with skilled tuition in particular techniques or mediums.