CoGo Connecting Good Ltd

We’re a purpose-driven organisation with a unique platform that connects consumers and businesses for the good of people and planet. Our ambition is to change business to change the world. To do that, we’ve developed a way to initiate repeatable, purposeful exchanges between the two biggest global contributors to over-consumption: businesses and consumers.Our world-first technology gives people the ability to voice their concerns about social and environmental issues, sharing the solutions they want to see with business leaders who are committed to doing more for people and planet. We believe in a new impact economy where all businesses are a force for good. And we believe that the positive feedback loop CoGo creates between conscious consumers and businesses that care will accelerate our way towards this vision.Whether you are a consumer or you represent a business, CoGo is the place where each voice matters more: where you can see the results of your decisions, getting real visibility over the difference you are making individually, and the collective, cumulative effect.