Stuttering Treatment and Research Trust (START)

The Stuttering Treatment and Research Trust (START) is a charitable trust (CC30201) founded in 1993.  START is the only organisation in Aotearoa that specialises in providing therapy and support for people of all ages who stutter, and their families and whānau across Aotearoa. 

Our team of specialist Speech Language Therapists and Social Worker deliver individualised therapy sessions both in person at our Greenlane, Auckland clinic and online via Zoom to people across Aotearoa. Alongside our therapy sessions — we build a community of support for people who stutter and their families and whānau by offering a range of groups, courses and social support.

An important part of our mahi is raising awareness and tolerance of stuttering in the wider community. We also collaborate with universities in New Zealand and internationally, partnering on innovative research projects to deepen our understanding of stuttering.