• New Zealand

Togetherall is what you get when you combine licensed mental health providers, peer support, and modern technology for the purpose of providing mental health support to populations of people in need.  

We are a social impact business providing a peer-to-peer digital mental health support network. We harness the power of community combined with a multi-faceted clinically moderated platform to enable our members to get support, take control and feel better.   

We utilise the protective and therapeutic effects of connectedness and healthy social networks in our unique community where people share and support each other, peer to peer.  We’re inspired and driven by the power of people when combined with technology in helping to eradicate poor mental health, globally.  Our ambition is to provide a service that supports as many people as possible who are going through a tough time. 

Togetherall provides an accessible safe space to get and receive support. Our community is open and inclusive to all people. Our team members are passionate, purpose driven and motivated by positive social impact.