Asthma New Zealand

Imagine a New Zealand where every single Kiwi with asthma or COPD thrives, living life to the fullest. That's the dream Asthma NZ fights for every day.

As the nation's leading asthma educator since 1965, we know education is power. It empowers individuals to manage their condition effectively, reducing hospitalizations and improving overall well-being. Our ambitious goal? A 50% reduction in asthma and COPD hospital admissions by 2029.

We offer a comprehensive range of free support, including:

    • Expert education and training tailored to individual needs, delivered by our dedicated asthma nurses.
    • Empowering families to live well with asthma and COPD, together.
    • Equipping schools and childcare centers with vital asthma knowledge and emergency skills.
    • Supporting high school students as they transition to independent management.
    • Providing healthcare professionals with up-to-date asthma and COPD resources.
    • Assisting doctors and specialists in supporting their patients.
    • Offering mobility assessments and support equipment for those in need.

With free individual consultations, group sessions, and spirometry testing, we're here to help New Zealanders breathe easier and live a life they love.