Depot is a unique arts organisation and ecosystem founded on the belief that nurturing creativity is essential to all of our lives and the future.

Our goal is to ensure that art and creativity make a vital contribution to our culture, our communities and our economy. We support independent artists and arts organisations to connect, converse, collaborate, grow, learn and succeed.

Like the tukutuku pattern that inspires our logo, we value the patience and persistence, the inter-connectedness and strength that it takes to build a thriving creative sector.

Through our Creative Futures programmes, Depot Artspace, Depot Sound and our creative community networks we work to collaboratively showcase, support, empower and platform artists and arts practitioners and advocate for the arts.

We offer a diverse range of programmes and services and continue to remove barriers to participation. We nurture our creative communities and see creativity as vital for social cohesion, through supporting inclusion, diversity and equality.

Rooted in the Te Hau Kapua (Devonport) community since 1996 Depot is committed to supporting a thriving creative eco-system working with artists and creatives to grow their practice, grow their confidence, grow their income, grow their networks and grow their creative future.