Counties Manukau Homecare Trust

  • Auckland, New Zealand

Counties Manukau Homecare Trust are a non-profit independent Charitable Trust providing
flexible, client centred support for people to sustain their independence and quality of life in
their own home. Our in-home care services reach across the greater Franklin area.

The Trust’s role is to oversee and make decisions for the governance of homecare services
in the Counties Manukau Area. There are up to 5 members on the Trust Board reflecting the
diverse make up of our community and in accordance with the Treaty of Waitangi (Ti Tiriti).

Trust members are elected to the Board to cover the range of skills and expertise necessary
for effective administration of the Board’s responsibilities, to its funders, its people and

Apr 15, 2024
Auckland, New Zealand
Job Summary:
CMHT Board is seeking to appoint one new Trustee to join the Board within this year.
Reimbursement for time at meetings and other activities
Health Care and Medical